Andrews Project

Andrews Gymnasium

New Mural: North Wall

Remember when this used to be bleachers/seating? Those were good times. That space later evolved into the KHS Weight Room. Years later locker room redesigns were required for Title IX compliance. This resulted in a wall and additional storage areas due to locker room rearrangements. In the Summer of 2019, the class of 2020 raised funds to transform the North Wall. It is something the class of '20 takes great pride in, and is their way of "leaving their mark on KHS." It has instilled an rejuvenation of school spirit and pride at KHS. However, this project did displaced some state championship banners (United Dairymen) and a few other items.

South Wall

The South Wall of Andrews has traditionally been adorned with fabric banners from past seasons, commemorating sports teams' accomplishments at state competition. This includes 6 previous state championships. 1295 Football, 1955 Boys Basketball, 1956 Boys Basketball, 1959 Boys Basketball, 1964 Boys Basketball, 1985 Girls Track. All the rest are for 4th place or better and/or "consolation championships" There are even a few for "Sportsmanship Awards."

Championship Wall

To accommodate the move of the previous 5 state championship banners from the South Wall, it was decided to take down the non-championship banners, and decide at a later time, what to do with those. It was suggested to have a committee of former coaches, current coaches, alumni, former athletes, current athletes, and community members. This committee would brainstorm possible ways to display or document the non-championship banners. After some discussions (formal and informal) at meetings, social media, and face to face, it was important to display those non-championship banners in some fashion.

Concept I: Cables From Beams

The consensus from the Nov 21 meeting, held at KHS was to look into a cable system to hang the non-championship banners from the support beams. It was noted that the location of the banners should not interfere with other sports such as volleyball. It was also decided to remove the large "IML" banners above center court. This was installed on Dec 12 as a "trial" install to see how it looks and how it will be for other sports like volleyball.

Concept II: Banners From Beams

This idea was discussed briefly at the Nov 21 meeting but ultimately was dismissed in favor of the cable system.

Concept III: Smaller Replicas

This idea was not formally discussed but a couple individuals had an idea of having replica banners made on a smaller scale so that they could fit on the wood beam border on the bottom of the South Wall. These banners would most likely be vinyl as cloth banners are very expensive and finding vendors who offer them could be difficult.

Concept IV: Floor Design

Another variant from the actual cloth banner relocation ideas involves having someone paint and/or put decals down under wax coat in Summer. Additional "banners" could be added each Summer.