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I also remember

Post by Michael Stevenson » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:09 pm

You know Gentry, I can still remember that restaurant that they had in the west end of Pik Kwick and how they also used to give those green stamps. Wow, and I can still remember the Fun Center there in Smelterville. I also can remember when Ken Ive's had Radio Shack there at the IGA area. WOW! LOL I really am feeling old. I'M ONLY 34! Dang nabit, you are making me really miss the area. I sure do wish that I could go back up there again :cry: Oh, and I also remember KFC and A&W and when the Chamber office used to be in that "UFO" lol looking place there below Shoshone Medical Center. There was this one woman there, when I was in Middle School that I always stopped in to visit on my way home from school. I so remember that big time. What fun those days were in Kellogg and the area. I guess when you are born and raised there, you can't get it out of your blood. I don't know why some of us ever choose to leave an area, other than I went to Colorado Springs and became a minister. But, wow! Ya might just end up seeing me back there in the Valley one of these times!

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Michael Stevenson

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